Vox Populi

Do you need a political voice? No matter whether you are an ordinary citizen, development worker or politician, we can give you a voice for free. This is what you should do. :

Make a clear audio recording about a specific topic and send to Grassroots Radio. Recording must not exceed 15 minutes.
Tip: You don’t need a studio. Much can be achieved by recording with a good mobile phone microphone in a quiet room

This is what your recording should contain, and the order.
1, START : Title of the SPECIFIC topic (health, agriculture, rural development, politics etc).
Tip : "I will be speaking about the challenges facing Health Delivery in Nigeria and how to overcome them"

2. RECORDING : Please stick to a single topic so that your submission will be easy to locate in directory

3. END: Your name (and organisation you represent if any)
Tip : "My name is Chidozie Abayomi Danjuma and I am just a social commentator"

Please email your recording in mp3 format to mail@cogniscifoundation.org , "subject: Vox Populi"

If your recording qualifies, we will either put it into our Vox Populi or Citizens’ Rostrum Broadcast pools, to be randomly broadcast WORLDWIDE on Grassroots Radio www.grootsradio.org round the clock

Alternatively email your spoken comments mail@cogniscifoundation.org or submit to the Grassroots Radio WhatsApp group at https://chat.whatsapp.com/I1srNyz3yQX6jYFNXaH4qb

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