Grassroots Voices

Your grassroots project certainly needs a voice. We can give you one free of charge. This is what you should do. :

Make a clear audio recording about your specific project activities and send to Grassroots Radio. Recording must not exceed 5 minutes.
If your project qualifies, we will put it into our Grassroots Projects Broadcast pool , to be randomly broadcast WORLDWIDE on Grassroots Radio round the clock

This is what your recording should contain, and the order.
1, Title and location of your SPECIFIC project (not your organisation)
2. The purpose and benefits of the project to society
3. The successes and challenges of the project.
4. The future of the project
5. Project contact details

Please send all recording in mp3 form to , subject: Grassroots Project.

NOTE : We will not accept recordings soliciting for funds.

Alternatively email your spoken comments or submit to the Grassroots Radio WhatsApp group at

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