Citizens' Rostrum

Grassroots Radio aims to host discussions, opinions on matters of critical interest to Nigerians all over the world. One of the ways to this end is our citizen's advice program titled CITIZENS' ROSTRUM , a 30 minutes journal program and a sort of "Hyde Park Speakers Corner" which will run 4 times every day, seven days a week. The purpose of this programme is to present fresh ideas relating to development and improvement, either at national or grassroots level, especially in the following topics:

The Economy
Crime Control
Poverty alleviation
Foreign Policy
Social Infrastructure.
Current Events

Politicians , professionals and opinion leaders are invited to contribute audio recordings of their opinion on a running basis Each audio submission would be about 10 - 12 minutes long, and should preferably cover only one topic , either from any of above or other not listed. Typically this should be about 5 pages of typewritten text and will contain name of presenter and contact information. A sample of the preferred format of this recordings can be downloaded from the following (right click with your mouse and download)

All submissions should be sent to

Alternatively email your spoken comments or submit to the Grassroots Radio WhatsApp group at

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