Back To The Lands

Our agricultural enterprises development advice program titled BACK TO THE LANDS , a 30 minutes program which will run 4 times every day, seven days a week. The purpose of this programme is to present ideas and information on establishing new agricuture-based enterprises either at farm or processing level, to interested Nigerians all over the world.

Agriculture consultants are thus invited to submit audio recordings of Farm Enterprise Reports each about 10 - 12 minutes long. Each Report should cover only one topic (e.g watermelon farming, cucumber farming, snail farming, rabbit farming, etc). Typically this should be about 5 pages of typewritten text and will contain name of presenter and contact information. Consultants may on their own part expect patronage from interested individuals as their own benefit from these broadcasts. A sample of the preferred format of this recordings can be downloaded from the following

All submissions should be sent to

Note: please send an initial summary of proposed pesentation, to ensure that this subject has not yet been covered)

Alternatively email your spoken comments or submit to the Grassroots Radio WhatsApp group at

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